The tramp of generations: where does life go? Part 1

It happens when a person stands on the threshold and, slightly turning towards the door, is about to leave. But something delays him: whether the last gesture is necessary, whether the words ... "Well, I went," and the leg has already been brought across the threshold, but the step has not yet been taken, and it freezes for a moment in thought ... "Something else I wanted to say, but I forgot. ”

Why would Charles Darwin love Russia?

Charles Darwin would also be happy to travel by train in Russia if he had the opportunity. But since Charles Darwin still has some difficulties with leaving Westminster Abbey, I will tell you with great pleasure what feelings he would have experienced from such a journey.

Should I buy a heater for dishes?

The more common name “plate heater (dishes)” instantly narrows the scope of the appliance in the eyes of a potential buyer. After all, it is not too often that the full members of the family cross the threshold of the house, and sometimes it is necessary to bring several dozen servings of roast lamb into the living room at once.

Should children help their parents?

It is good when parents teach children to basic self-care, and it’s great when after that they teach children to take care of the whole family. If there is a cheerful and kind atmosphere in a family, it is a joy for a child to participate in general cooking. Together with my mother, cutting cheese and cabbage, lighting a stove, putting spoons and forks on the table is the most exciting game and at the same time a source of pride.

The secret of success of an accomplished personality - complexes?

But there are many examples in life when an inferiority complex becomes the engine of success. For the first time, the well-known psychologist Alfred Adler spoke about this: "To be a full-fledged person, you need to have an inferiority complex." It is on this statement that his theory is built. And indeed, there are many examples - people known to the whole world, possessing complexes, to overcome this feeling, by all means tried to give importance to their figure and in something vividly manifest themselves.

Rumor has it that there is no gossip anymore? Signs of rumors. Part 2

If you want to distinguish rumors from information (or you want to learn how to start rumors or deal with them), then here are the remaining 3 signs of hearing. By hearing, I mean not just an arbitrary set of words, but such a combination of them, which, being expressed several times in different places, will be repeated many times with very different intentions and expressions (including the intention to deny this rumor).