Going to Hawaii? "There, in the ocean, sails a small coconut island ..."

So my husband and I decided that at least once in my life, but we must go. Having learned about our decision, my son also wanted to join us.

Preparation for the trip began six months before the actual journey. We had a difficult choice: which of the six islands of the Hawaiian archipelago?

In fact, Hawaii is not six, but eight. But it’s almost impossible to get to two of them: the island of Kahoolava, located near the island of Maui, is uninhabited, and the island of Niihau, located near the island of Kauai, is in private ownership. Thus, there are six islands, each of which has a name and a nickname.

All islands of the Hawaiian archipelago are islands of volcanic origin. They were discovered on January 20, 1778 by Captain James Cook, who originally called the archipelago the Sandwich Islands.

Hawaii Island, or Big Island

This island gave the name to the whole archipelago and is the southernmost and largest island of the archipelago, and it is the only island in Hawaii where active volcanoes are located - Mauna Loa and Kilauea. The eruption of Kilauea volcano has been ongoing since 1983.

Interestingly, all the new land formed by lava, goes to the state, even if it was near your doorstep. Accordingly, if you are interested in volcanoes, you need to go to the Big Island. It has two airports (in Hilo and Kone) and a fairly well-developed public transport network (buses), which can be used free of charge. On this island, the aborigines ate Cook ...

Maui Island or Valley Island

This is the second largest island of the Hawaiian archipelago. This island is known for being the wintering place for humpback whales that swim here from Alaska and spend the cold months of the year (from December to April) in the Bay of Au-Au between the island of Maui, Kahoolava and several very small islands. If you want to see whales, Maui will give you this opportunity more likely than other islands.

Oahu Island, or the Place of Collection

On Oahu is the city of Honolulu, the capital of the state of Hawaii and the second most expensive city in the United States (the first is Anchorage in Alaska). This is the third largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago. All aircraft from the mainland fly to Oahu, and then local airlines are delivered to the other islands. This island is the starting port for cruises in the Hawaiian Islands.

Kauai Island or Garden Island

This island is the northernmost of the Hawaiian Islands. In addition, this island has the most rain, so it is distinguished by lush tropical vegetation, which is why it got its nickname.

On this island there is the only navigable river in Hawaii, as well as a large canyon called the Great Pacific Canyon. Kauai is not the most popular of the Hawaiian islands, life on this island flows calmly and measuredly, and tourism, although it is a rather important part of the island’s income, is nevertheless successfully complemented by coffee and sugar plantations.

Molokai Island, or Friends Island

This island, the fifth in size, is quite “wild” without a highly developed tourist infrastructure. The island has several small hotels and one holiday home. However, according to the National Geographic magazine, Molokai Island was on the 10th place among 111 islands in ecological tourism. If you are interested in natural conditions with little or no human influence and not interested in crowds of tourists, you should go to Molokai. For a long time there was a colony of lepers on Molokai, but now this disease is absent on the island.

Lanai Island, or Pineapple Island

It is the smallest of the six islands open to tourists. He got his nickname because in 1922 James Doyle bought the whole island and used it to grow pineapples. On this island there are two holiday homes and several hotels. The roads on the island are mostly dirt roads. This island is ideal for those who want to just relax and unwind in decent conditions, but not very interested in visiting the sights.

Each island is attractive in its own way, they are all exceptionally beautiful, it’s not for nothing that a huge number of Hollywood films are shot in Hawaii: for example, King Kong, Jurassic Park, In Search of a Lost Ark, Six Days, Seven Nights , “Pearl Harbor”, “Sphere”, “City of Angels”, “The Lost World”, “Planet of the Apes”, and others.

I studied all this with great interest for a couple of weeks, after which I made my difficult choice. About what island I chose and what came out of it - in the following articles.

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