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We also drove into Russian Fort Elizabeth, founded in 1815 by Georg Schaeffer. George tried to exploit the situation of the confrontation of King Kauai Caumaulia and King of Hawaii Kamehamehey in order to attach Kauai to Russia. Kaumalia, although he had sworn allegiance to Kamehameha, nevertheless tried to disconnect from the kingdom of Hawaii, and sought allies. Schaeffer was originally sent to Hawaii to try to buy out the Russian Bering ship captured by the aborigines, which crashed off the coast of Kauai.

Schaeffer established relations with Caumalia, promised him the support of the Russian Tsar, and built three forts on Kauai. However, Alexander I refused to support Kaumalia, and in the end in 1817 the Russians left the island. Until 1864, the Hawaiians used the fort as a military fortress, then it was abandoned. Since 1966, the fort of Elizabeth was declared a historical monument.

On the second day, in company with Japanese tourists and Hawaiian workers of the guitar and ukulele entertaining us with national dances and songs, we sailed on a floating craft, much like a barge, up the Vailuye River. At the end of the trip we were expected Grotto Ferns.

Slowly our boat sailed along the river, the captain told us about the history of these places, cliffs covered with greens floated by, and kayaks with tourists, girls in pseudo-national costumes danced to music and singing. Swimming took 30 minutes, and finally we were on the path leading to the grotto. The abundance of tropical vegetation, unimaginable flowers, banana trees, ubiquitous roosters - and here is the grotto!

Unfortunately, due to the hurricanes of Willow (1982) and Inika (1992), as well as the torrential tropical storms of 2006 that caused landslides, there are few ferns on the grotto rocks and you can’t enter the grotto anymore. But the magic acoustics of the grotto was preserved, and the Hawaiian wedding song performed by our guides impressed us greatly. By the way, still in this place, as before, celebrate the wedding.

My son spent the fourth day driving around the island on a rented bicycle, but my husband and I were lying on the beach.

On the fifth day we went on a boat to travel to the northern part of the island on Na-Pali coastwhere it is impossible to reach by car. This tour included swimming with a mask and flippers, to which I am a great hunter. The son sailed with me, we saw enough of the underwater world in the form of fish, corals and sea urchins.

And my husband preferred to spend time on the boat in the company of the captain and his team, consisting of two people. He learned a lot of interesting things about life on the island, for example, that the power plant runs on diesel fuel imported from the mainland, and therefore electricity is more expensive here than anywhere else in America (for example, in Kentucky a kilowatt of electricity costs 7 cents, and in Hawaii - 23). And I was all wondering why the locals dried laundry on ropes instead of using dryers ...

But back to the ship. The wind favored us, so the captain raised the sail, and we rushed along the waves. The sea was sparkling, the sky was blue, the sun was shining, the sails were inflated. Dolphins were jumping and spinning around the ship, and one fur seal was caught. The Na-Pali coast, past which we swam, was amazing - huge mountains, waterfalls, unexpected beaches with white sand, water grottoes and rocky cliffs. You can only get to these beaches by water.

On the way back, we learned a lot of interesting things about the 50th US state. For example, that many Hawaiian residents still speak Hawaiian, in which only 12 sounds - 5 vowels and 7 consonants. By the way, the name of the daughter of President Obama - Melia - is a Hawaiian pronunciation of the name Mary.

In addition, our captain told us that the first inhabitants of Hawaii sailed from the Marquis Islands (about 750 BC), then a thousand years later - from Tahiti. The first missionaries from America appeared on the islands in 1820, in 1850, foreigners acquired the right to own land, in 1852 the first Chinese appeared, in 1968 the first Japanese. Now the state of Hawaii is the only state in America where the white population does not prevail (only 24 percent).

On the morning of the sixth day we drove north to the island by car. Along the way, we came across at least seven bridges where only one car can pass. There are no traffic lights, so cars usually give way to each other. Having reached the end of the road, we were on the best beach of the island for surfing. Huge waves washed over him, but it was not recommended to enter the water - strong undercurrents were expected.

The evening of the sixth day was entirely devoted to the main cultural entertainment in Hawaii - the luau. But about luau and Hawaiian food - in the last part of the article.

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