Sochi or Kislovodsk: who to whom? Part 1

Kislovodsk resort: myths and reality

The fact that the resort business in Kislovodsk put on a grand scale, can be judged at least by the search results on the Internet. Any search engine will give not only the names of resorts and the traditional advertising certificate in the paragraph about each. Dozens (!) Of the resort sites of Kislovodsk will easily find information about where and at what price you can improve your health in accordance with your disease, a full list of medical procedures for the voucher.

You can book a place at the vending health center through the Kislovodsk resort bureau, and, which is especially nice, you will not be charged extra. True, in the coming year, the prices for sanatorium-resort services soared sharply upwards: in 2009, rest and treatment in Kislovodsk costs from 1,200 rubles in a sanatorium of a class two "stars" and up to 3,000 rubles in a luxury health resort. A hotel room, even in a private one, starts from a thousand rubles per person, a separate studio apartment - from a thousand rubles a day, a room in an apartment with a hostess - from six hundred rubles.

The phone in the resort bureau answered on the morning of January 2:
- Almost all the places are occupied, but you must come and pick something up! - a cheerful voice at the end of the wire finally convinced that in Kislovodsk every vacationer was waited at least as an old friend.

Early morning at Kislovodsk railway station was frosty. Minus 12 Celsius for us southerners - the temperature is almost extreme even in January.

- From Sochi? - asked the taxi driver and handed a business card.
On it stood: Sergey. "Subaru" - and the contact phone number.

- You are there, probably, with your Olympiad you already get a salary in dollars? - Sergey asked in all seriousness, and it was practically useless to persuade him in the delusion of millions of profits that suddenly fell on every Sochi's head.

Saving is the engine of progress?

The apartment on Katykhin Street, which was picked up at the bureau, was a ten-minute drive from the city center, in a five-story building built in 1975. The landlady Valentina Ivanovna, despite the early hour (the train arrives at the beginning of the eighth), met very cordially and first of all dragged into the kitchen for breakfast. The only bad luck: hot water in the area includes at four o'clock in the morning and at the same time - in the evening.

- What is the problem, Valentina Ivanovna? After all, there is heating, and the boiler room at the side? - I could not help wondering.

- Save ... Now all the water meters are set, and now they turn off the water - they believe that the tariffs are small and we do not pay enough. A management company to our problems and care. You have to endure, but what are you doing here? - the landlady spread her hands. The situation with water supply in the central part of the city is easier, this explains the high cost of vouchers and high prices for rental housing.

The market for the whole of Kislovodsk, in which about a hundred thousand inhabitants live, is alone. It is an explosive mixture of wholesalers and rural fairs. A bunch of lettuce is fabulous by the standards of Sochi money - forty rubles. The rest of the fruits and vegetables are sold on average at the same price as in Sochi. Just be careful: the risk is high to buy frozen potatoes or tomatoes. The merchants themselves explain the high cost of greenery: it is very difficult to keep it in freezing temperatures.

As such, there is no municipal public transport in Kislovodsk, minibuses differ only in capacity, and the fare to our standards is very modest — only nine rubles. And they walk, which is also pleasantly surprising, even in heavy snowfall anywhere in the resort. But - until eight in the evening. If you are late, you will have to take a taxi.

Like 200 years ago ...

Acquaintance with Kislovodsk began traditionally. The narzan gallery was not overcrowded. Numerous vacationers, most of whom are elderly, regularly sipped mineral water from special mugs. The taste, of course, does not borjomi, but they do not argue about medications ...

By the way, one more indisputable plus of Kislovodsk resort therapy is the preserved institute of resort polyclinics. In order to be examined and receive the necessary treatment, it is enough to buy a fuser. A full package of medical services, including tests, consultations of narrow specialists, baths, will cost a maximum of five hundred rubles per day.

The local population lives mainly due to visiting holidaymakers. The onset of the crisis in the economy first hit the small Kislovodsk hotels, which are closed by dozens. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the sanatoriums to survive, which is why such a noticeable price jump for sanatorium-resort services. But thanks to the vouchers of regional social insurance funds, vacationers continue to go here in an endless stream: trains from Moscow, Novokuznetsk, Minsk and even distant Tynda arrive at the Kislovodsk railway station every day. How long the stream will be endless, Kislovodchane try not to think.

From the colonnade, the local shopping gallery, the resort park begins. True, a significant part of it has also been turned into improvised shopping arcades. In addition to the exhibition and sale of paintings, you will be greeted by souvenir heaps, similar to the placers of Sochi passages. By the way, are you ready to repel psychological attacks? If not, you risk taking home a bunch of unnecessary woolen things. “Buy a sweater!” Is the most popular phrase in Kislovodsk park.

Favorite hobby as kislovodchan, and vacationers - to feed the protein. The last human weakness for the smaller brothers is one hundred percent, allowing you to both stroke and hold in your hands. In addition to squirrels, there are ponies, raccoons, vultures, eagles and even ... peacocks in the park on the slope of the Dzhinalsky Range. Just above the cable car station under a spruce, a goby grazed — the symbol of the coming year. Locals say that in the Year of the Pig, the kids here were rolling in a troika drawn by ... piglets. Well, the fiction of local photographers can only envy. As well as education: in Kislovodsk, no one will put a monkey or a parrot on your head without your consent.

... Recently, Kislovodsk celebrated its 205th anniversary. During this time, the Cossack village in the Caucasus first became the main resort of the Russian Empire (even members of the royal family came to the waters), and then to the Soviet balneological health resort. Since then, little has changed in the appearance of the city. It is a pity, but today the main resort of the Caucasian Mineral Waters region is more like an impoverished relative than a brilliant secular city. Puppets of the last century slowly dilapidated, gingerbread balconies of former mansions sometimes threaten to fall on your head, and in underground passages there is no coverage even for a project.

Still, the potential of Kislovodsk is huge. And what really does not hurt him is the money and ingenuity, which should tell the resort management how best to spend it on the development of a health resort. If these two conditions are met, in a maximum of five years Kislovodsk will easily become a serious competitor to the Czech Karlovy Vary - the medical base here is much more powerful.

As for the question, which of the resorts is preferable, Sochi or Kislovodsk, let me answer in Odessa: these are two big differences. To be continued…

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