Unusual holidays, or How did a sandwich get its name? Sandwich Day

Sandwiches like food (no name) have been known since time immemorial, namely from the 1st century AD, when Hillel the Babylonian introduced the Easter tradition to wrap a mixture of chopped apples and nuts mixed with spices into a piece of matzoh. This food personified the sufferings of the Jewish people and quickly became an indispensable element of the Seder.

In the Middle Ages, there was a tradition to serve stew on large chunks of stale bread, which in the process of eating the food soaked with juice and gravy. If the participants of the meal were still hungry after eating the main course, then they ate the bread, and if the hunger was satisfied, then they threw bread to the poor or dogs — as you liked. In the 16th and 17th centuries, as is evident from the plays of that period, many people used to eat bread and cheese, or bread and meat, but this dish still had no special name.

The breakthrough was made in the 18th century by John Montague, the fourth Earl of Sandwich. There are at least two versions of the appearance of the name of this food. According to the first of these, the count was an avid player. Once he spent at the gambling table 24 hours. Naturally, the count wanted to eat, and he ordered his servant to give himself a piece of roast beef, placed between two pieces of bread. This gave him the opportunity to continue the game, holding food in one hand and not soiling cards. Other visitors to the establishment, looking at the count, began to demand "the same thing that the Sandwich eats!" Thus was born the name of the new dish.

By other version, the count was a busy man (but not a game!) and spent all his time at the desk. He was sorry to spend his time on food, then see the first version.

True, it is not clear how this food has spread to the taverns of England, but these are trifles. Since the count was born the 3rd of November, this day became the Sandwich Day. By the way, it was Count Sandwich who financed the famous captain James Cook, who opened the Hawaiian Islands and called them (in honor of the boss) the Sandwich Islands. Cook was eaten on these islands, it is not known, however, in the form of a sandwich or just like that, but la naturel

Interestingly, Sandwich graphs should initially have been called Portsmouth graphs. At the last moment, the first count, Edward, decided in favor of the name “Sandwich”, otherwise we would eat Portsmouths with sausage and cheese ...

However, the history of the sandwich continues. And in 1840 in America, a cookbook was published written by the Englishwoman Elizabeth Leslie, in which she offered the Americans the first recipe for a sandwich with ham and mustard. By the beginning of the 20th century, the sandwich is gaining enormous popularity in America as a convenient and cheap food, especially after bakeries began to sell bread sliced ​​in advance, thereby greatly simplifying the construction of sandwiches.

There is a huge variety of sandwiches and no fewer different cafes and restaurants where you can eat them. Sandwich with peanut butter and jam, BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato), Montecristo (with turkey and Swiss cheese, deep-fried, served with powdered sugar), Dagwood (high-rise design of numerous pieces of bread, meat, cheese and lettuce) , Mufuletta (a set of smoked meats on a white bun with finely chopped olives), Ruben (with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and pastras) and many more.

But according to the American Restaurant Association, the most popular sandwich in America is a hamburger — it’s on the menu at 75 percent of America’s restaurants, and 15 percent of Americans eat a hamburger for lunch.

On Sandwich Day, many of the restaurants, especially those that are part of the chains, hold various competitions. For example, the Potbelly Sandwich Works cafe has been holding a contest “Who Eats More Sandwiches in 5 Minutes?” The winner receives a check for $ 1,000.

The best thing about sandwiches is that they can be eaten by everyone - both vegetarians (with vegetables and “aioli” sauce), and lovers of fat and salty (with smoked tongue and salami). As they say, there is a sandwich for every taste!

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