What is interesting about the work of a security guard?

Miser pays twice

My short wearing the uniform of a guard was caused by two reasons. The first is completely banal - lack of money. The second is quite rare when choosing a similar profession - curiosity. Well, the age was such a student, you had to try everything in the world.

Immediately make a reservation - I was an unlicensed security guard. That is, not having the right to carry weapons (gas). Just like all my fellow colleagues — besides me, my friends-students worked at the facility.

Recruitment takes place in a private security company, which has a contract with an object (base, warehouse, cafe) on security. Half of the money received from the object, chop picks itself. Our private security company had a whole network of “low-budget” facilities where the poor poor students without weapons worked. Under the contract they paid pennies, even smaller pennies paid us.

So, information for those who want to save on protection: what will happen in your warehouse after the door closes in the evening, no one will know. It is possible that there will come two cars with friends, friends of the guards, and they will walk all night. In your warehouse, of course. With all that it implies. Not to be unfounded, I will begin to tell in order.

"Hosts" of objects

When you sit all day on the checkpoint with almost no movement, checking passes, sweating in tight and not very “breathing” form, then you feel terribly inclined to move. Fortunately, such an opportunity is provided after the working day, when everyone hands over the keys and leaves.

What does the guard feel after the departure of all staff? I do not know how the others, but I felt incredible relief - at last you could take off your tunic and stay in a T-shirt. Yes, and just relax. Secondly, (since our object was located outside the city) there appeared a feeling of complete and inseparable ownership of the object - greenhouse facilities.

And this feeling is worth a lot. Here, in front of you is almost a kilometer of fenced territory with all sorts of buildings, and you are the master on it. You can execute and pardon those who try to get here. Of course, if those who have a weapon do not claim their right to possession, or a check will simply not come. Due to the fact that our facility transferred money to the private security company on an irregular basis, the authorities “took revenge” on the guarded - it was extremely rare for us to check.

To be honest, despite the "full and inseparable" possession of the object, it was sometimes pretty scary to bypass it. "Trunk" is not, but anyone can climb. Therefore, we took with us an ancient (and very terrible) weapon - I give way. As rubber truncheons did not rely on us either.

The most interesting thing is that, according to the instructions, we did not have the right to use this very dry one - only after we were clearly attacked with a weapon and slowly began to be cut into a salad. Having seen the violator, we had to persuade (!) Him to follow us and take us to the duty room. And there - God forbid, to lock up this beautiful man! Again, you need to persuade him to sit on the sofa next to him and almost drink tea until the rapid response team and the police arrive.

Reality vs Fiction

According to the instructions, we had to do a lot of things. In particular - to conduct rounds of the territory hourly according to the scheme drawn by the authorities. And sign for each round in the log. And (provided there is no connection between us, we still did not have cellular phones), bypassing (sometimes to the eerie night) only one person had to leave. And the second was to sit on the gate. Probably, in order to call an ambulance or corpse in case of anything (underline the necessary).

Secondly, we had to stay up all night, working two days a day. And this is for our salary ...

In reality, it turned out this way - we signed for the detours in the morning, in one fell swoop. After a good six-hour sleep. Sometimes, of course, I had to worry - when the authorities came with unexpected checks. But there appeared a useful skill - to immediately jump up from a dream and get into a pair of boots with your feet, after which, desperately stretching your eyes, pretend that you have not slept. It was a funny sight, probably, two deadly sleepy bodies that are pulled to pieces, trying to portray the stand "quietly."

But the bosses, bearing in mind the delay in payments from the owners of the facility, didn’t pick on us much. Only once I got angry - when we completely broke the limits of decency. The deputy chief of security, not having reached our curtained window from the outside, was forced to climb and knock on the inside (not curtain). At the same time, he saw two guards, comfortably dozing on the unfolded sofa (which, according to the instructions, it was impossible to move apart). Our dream was so strong that the deputy almost knocked off his knuckles on the glass, trying to wake us up.

After this incident, there was a “terrible” punishment - my friend was dismissed from his position as a senior at the facility (plus a full hundred rubles to his salary), and they put ... me on her! Such was our mutual responsibility.

Guard entertainment

After we closed the door for the last outgoing greenhouse worker, entertainment began. The numbed body demanded compensation for eight hours of immobility, and it received it.

At first we went to swim in the pool. Yes, yes, you heard right - the territory was a real pool (in which, again, according to the instructions, we were forbidden to swim). Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to start an electric stove in the sauna. Otherwise, we would also be steamed.

But nothing - we had enough and the pool. The water in it was icy - breathtaking. Therefore, after swimming, we felt energized and energized. Often after that, we worked in the gym for an hour, or even two (the passage was locked with a key all this time).

When our sleepy nerves demanded special tickling, after the pool we organized “pipe races” - that is, we climbed up to race through the tall pipes of the boiler room.

If the salary was not paid long enough, then we were completely impudent - we went swimming in the river, sometimes we fished there for several hours. Often friends came to us in cars, and we organized real picnics in nature - with barbecue, wine and all the attributes of the holiday.

The only sacred thing we had was a callback. Every three hours we called back to the control desk on duty, cheerfully reporting: “At the site of such and such - without incident!”. Lied godlessly. Because we ourselves were like an accident.

Other options

Of course, such a country object is laf. But not always so lucky. Sometimes you have to be on duty in very unpleasant places. We were thrown several times to other objects. I especially remember the summer cafe - first I had to sit, inspiring (apparently with my green form and a stern look) respect for visitors, and then cook all night long near the rolled up and closed commercial equipment on the highchair. A cafe on a busy street where mobs of drunks are hanging around, and you only have a phone from your weapon. By which you can (if you have time) call the person on duty.

And this is not a complete list of objects that give the guard trouble.

In general, this kind of work is for those who have a calm disposition and perseverance. If a person has a splinter in one place, he will never work here for a long time - it will explode. Although there have been cases of restructuring nature and rhythm of life.

But for myself, I decided - I need it? Yes, and a friend, too, considered himself restless. Therefore, after a six-month experiment, we quit with a calm heart. Moreover, the session began.

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