Amsterdam - a cure for puritanism?

The guide offered to buy for eight or nine euros an excursion to the red light district in the local tour desk. But why lose money, for which you can have a good lunch? Map of the city on hand, we are only a block from the place we are looking for. Not small, we reach on foot and without excursion. Especially since an interesting guide can tell you about the Amsterdam priestesses of love? Business is business in the Netherlands, no more and no more than any other.

Freed somewhere not far from the boat station in the center of Amsterdam, having more than three hours at our disposal, we spent our free time at first for lunch, then for getting to know the beautiful unknown. By the way, you can have a snack in any area of ​​the city - either in traditional tea shops with gigantic-sized cakes, Viennese waffles and fruit desserts, or in “pie cakes” with dozens of types of sandwiches, or in pizzerias. In general, the catering infrastructure in the capital of the Netherlands is well developed, not to mention traditional cafes and scandalous coffee shops.

The red light district itself is a fairly wide street on the canal bank. Contrary to expectations, nobody here grabbed hands like Russian taxi drivers at airports and train stations, did not promise all the joys of the world for your money. The showcases in the ground floors of the most typical houses, kosovato leaning in different directions, almost all were tightly curtained. The priestesses of love forged their little happiness, in spite of the financial crisis, which was then at its peak.

The same ladies who were free, in beautiful linen and neon light (which is very unusual during the day) smoked cigarettes pretentiously or tritely did house cleaning, bending impressively over a vacuum cleaner, like on an exam in a national athletics team. Chinese women, African women, Europeans, skinny women and pyshechki, with silicone and without it, they didn’t look any better than a kvass shop stall somewhere in Ivanovo. A woman is at work - she will remain in Africa as well.

Special beauties on the main streets of the red light district can not be found. For the love of the extra-class, you will have to search for the narrow places, feeling like a caver-pioneer. The fairies of the sex industry live in luxurious apartments on dead-end streets, which are difficult to call lanes. You can reach them only through acquaintances or recommendations - bright neon ads do not lure them into their apartments. But with what kind of fire were the eyes of those who got access to paradise - Arab students, who nosily go back to life!

Somewhere in the middle of the way through the red light district, we met our group wandering dearly behind the guide. Their faces were, frankly, not very inspired. Whether it was too loose, it became clear to them that it was not worth paying for this voyage, and even in the euro ...

Later, on the bus, I was asked by the most concerned about the part of the women traveling companion, retired military Yuri from Volgograd, what was interesting for them, and most importantly - the important guide from the Dutch guide. It turned out nothing of what we would not know ourselves. However, with the price helped: 65 euros. But in an hour or 30 minutes, I did not specify.

... The sweet smell of the anasha floats over the canals, artificial "pips" of all colors and sizes, rubber women and collars with whips that openly showcases decorate the shop windows coquettishly, peacefully coexist with food stalls. You want - chew pizza and buy souvenirs in the vodka museum, you want - blow to the evening session of XXX format or become a spectator peep show.

In Amsterdam, no one will look askance at you, even if you meet the need for an alley: maybe this is your principal position? And even a duck-cooter, slumberingly swaying in a channel in the middle of a pile of floating trash, does not feel sorry. Such is it, the path of the most free from prejudice cities in Europe, and it is an excellent treatment for puritanism.

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