Who if not me? Ways of charity for children

We too often entrust people with the grace of the Lord and too rarely show mercy. (George Eliot)

Shook up the work? Do not understand relatives? Not enough money? You are tormented by the search for the meaning of life, or maybe you are just thinking about old age and how to better ensure yourself, how to maintain your health?

I will not offer help in solving your problems - methods, trainings, mental balance recipes, rethinking life, diet. I want to suggest help solve other people's problems. Children Our future. Let's forget for a moment about yourself loved ones, broadcasting their own "I" to all corners of the universe, think of others.

Our children - our future - our flowers of life. Unfortunately, not all of them have full families, health, happy childhood. Often children are deprived of almost everything, thrown to the side of life by careless parents, family tragedies, accidents, indifference of the state. Orphaned children, disabled children, children on the verge of life and death. How terrible it is to be unnecessary, unloved, hungry, sick, not having the slightest ray of hope in your heart. Imagine your child in such conditions. How will your loving parental heart shrink?

The worst thing we can respond to such children is indifference. Just pass by without flinching a single fiber of the soul. And participation and empathy can save small souls, make happy at least one little man. Just think: save the life of the child, warm it with the warmth of the soul, teach him to enjoy life.

But help is completely easy. There are many ways to do this, even the poorest and most busy person can contribute to the salvation of the child. With the world on a thread - a poor shirt. Many people mistakenly believe that charity is the lot of wealthy people, throwing money, "washing" sins. It is not, and you will see it.

To begin with, it is enough just to desire to help - selfless, from the heart, at the behest of the heart. The rest is a matter of time and opportunity.

It is gratifying that now in Russia many public funds have been created for orphans, the disabled, and sick children. There are funds that specialize in certain children's diseases, there are those that help all children in their field of vision.

Specialized: Give Life fund to help children with malignant diseases of the circulatory system, founded by actresses Chulpan Khamatova and Dina Korzun (www.podari-zhizn.ru); Foundation “Children's Hearts”, helping children with congenital heart defects (www.childrenshearts.ru); Foundation "Life", participating in the fate of children with oncological and hematologic diseases (www.deti-life.ru); the Island of Hope Foundation, which aims to help children with neurological diseases and brain tumors (www.hope-island.ru); Donors for Children initiative group - search for donors for children who need blood transfusions (www.donors.ru) and many others.

Funds helping orphans: Otkazhniki.ru Foundation, whose director of the board of trustees is actress Olga Budina (www.otkazniki.ru); charitable foundation “Who if not me?”, created for the development and practical implementation of social projects in the field of providing charitable assistance to children in difficult life situations, including those left without parental care, permanently living in orphanages and other orphanages ( www.ktoeslineya.ru); the Russian Birch Charitable Foundation, which provides assistance to orphans and large families named after the Honored Test Pilot of the USSR, Hero of the Soviet Union, Yuri Alexandrovich Garnayev (www.rusbereza.ru/index.html); Orphans Help Fund “Here and Now!” (www.hereandnow.ru); Revival Charitable Foundation (www.dom5.ru) and many others.

How to help?

Method one. Cash aid
As a rule, all serious organizations have sites with detailed information about the help that is needed. There are also details for transferring money. It can be a bank transfer, transfer via terminals, sms, webmoney and Yandex money, paypal, etc. Payment methods are many. Sometimes, to really help, you only need to click a mouse a couple of times and transfer quite a bit of money.

Sometimes the fund produces souvenirs and other products, having bought that, you will also provide significant assistance. Do not be afraid that your money will be wasted. In serious organizations, every penny is strictly recorded and reports are posted on the site. In particular, you can ask them to provide a report on the money that you transferred.

For example, on the website of the Podari Zhizn Foundation, we read: “The Federal Center for Pediatric Hematology bought blood cell separation kits, hemodiafiltration systems, sterile needles, catheters, and other consumables and reagents for research for 1,497,732 rubles. 02 cop We also bought the drugs Atrians, Vancomycin, Navoban, Cardioxan and other drugs for 1 608 310 rubles. Total expenses for the Center’s needs in August amounted to 3,128,382 rubles. 02 cop.

The second way. The right things
Often, many organizations are asked to bring, send what they need: furniture, toys, bed linen, clothes, shoes, food, diapers. Many of us have grown up children, and decent clothes, toys and books have become unnecessary - do not be lazy to take them to a charity organization, these things are so necessary for others. If there is no such organization in the city, then you can send a package that will not cost you too much. Sometimes, children's centers need certain things, a list of them can be found on the websites - what if you have them, and you no longer need them.

The third way. Volunteer help
Especially popular with young people, which has nothing to transfer to the account. Volunteer services at various charitable organizations work directly with children. Volunteers spend holidays with them, lead circles, just visit, make friends, correspond, take photos and photo albums, look after children, in a word, do everything to make the little man feel comfortable in a friendly atmosphere. After all, it is known that if a sick person is in a good mood, then he recovers much faster. Volunteer help is this kind of help that requires nothing but a loving warm heart. To come to read the child a fairy tale, to talk with him about life, take a walk in the park, arrange a birthday - such a small thing for a big man and a great joy for a child. Think about it - and you could participate in it.

The fourth method. Nanny
Many parents of children with serious illnesses are confronted with the problem of looking after a child while applying for a job. This is especially difficult if the child has one parent. To solve this problem, many parents come together to take turns sitting with the children. Your emergency help would also be useful.

The fifth way. Become a donor
Donation has always been honorable and respected. You literally can give a child a piece of yourself. Sometimes a blood transfusion is the last chance for salvation, and when there is no blood of the desired group, this is a real tragedy. Do not remain indifferent, help.

The sixth way. Place banner
On the websites of many organizations there is such a type of help - you just need to place a banner on your Internet page to remind visitors once again that someone needs help.

The seventh way. Patronage
Any organization whose members want to help children can take the patronage of the children's home, boarding school, hospital and provide them with all kinds of help and assistance. In this case, material assistance may be more serious, and the organization of events is more ambitious.

I hope you made sure that charity is not just an affluent affair. Do each of us right now!

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