How to have fun puzzling the brain? All words in one letter

Surprised that Nizhny Novgorod Nicholas Kultyyapov writes stories and novels, composes ruby, fables, aphorisms, anecdotes and something else, we will not. Given the profession of a writer - he is a FSB colonel in retirement - one must first of all wait for him from detectives and thrillers. It is all there. But he also writes humorous works. And let it not seem to you that the FSB is not amused: the security officer, like anyone, must be able to relax, and the humor here is the first assistant.

We are talking about the story "Holguin Island" and the novel "The Adventures of the Infantryman Pavel Petrov." You correctly understood from the names, what is unusual about this person’s hobbies. The story contains 16 thousand words, and they all begin with O. In the novel several times more units - now the letter P. Each word is repeated four times on average.

Nizhegorodets did not discover America: many Russian poets and writers, including Balmont, Bryusov, Voznesensky, tried themselves in this eccentricity. But there was no such scale before Kultiapov. The author believes that almost any letter of the Russian alphabet can write a great, small, but complete work. It is the Russian alphabet! It is hardly possible to do this in another language: then the articles interfere, or the hieroglyphs ...

Can a person remember such a number of words per letter? But there are dictionaries! More difficult is the other - Nikolay Kultiyapov wrote not just coherent texts, but plot works.

I also wanted to check my capabilities in this regard. No, I was not taken jealous of the fact that N. Kultiapov’s books are in the library of V. Putin, in the library of the US Congress, and his name is recorded in books of records. I was interested in two questions: small - where to accumulate official words (unions, prepositions, particles) for one letter, large - whether it will be possible to write at least a small, but logically complete essay. The first one really turned out to be small - you can do without punctuation marks. The plot is necessary to steer carefully. I took the letters K, N, P. That's what happened with me, for example, on K.

Specific movie

... Swaying, wriggling, Kostyantin, a cool sidekick of Kolyan-projectionist, conjures somewhere.
- Can you go where? - shouts chum Kolyan.
- Coy-where! - Kostyantin swagger, crumpling his cap. - Like a movie!
“Caesar's Caesar's,” Kolyan nods. Kumkaet: where to where? Katke Canary.
“What kind of movie do you think?” Kostyantin asked.
- Classic! - peeps Kolyan.

... Peeps kolchenogy Kapitonych, club stoker, nickname Kukish.
“Khe-khe,” the fireman coughs, “Kostyantin, the canal, croaked!” What a gum club!
Kolyan rushed to the compost heap, where Kukish twists his crutch.
Kostyantin - beautifulec! My knees are blooded, the card is dung, the limbs are claws, the checkered suit is kaput ...
- Kangaroo! - states Kukish, - Ksenia Kondrashka somersaults ...
- Katia wheelchair! - Kolyan commanded the stoker.
- Where is the stroller? Trough, specifically! - corrects Kukish.
Trough - to the heap. Kostyantina, grunting, put a kul. Smoke. Kostyantina curse. The crisis is criticized. Smoke ...
Spin Kukish circle:
- Cover, Iris! Kralya Koskina, it seems, heelandt ...

... A colleague of Kolyan, Ksyuha-kinomekhansha, as the princes of Ksenia Korneev call, sneaks specifically to the company.
- The bloodsucker! Killer! - Brands Ksenia Kostyantina, throws a stone. - Cat! To Katka - course? Boil? Cluck? To play tricks?
- You slander, crotch! - Kostyantin boils. - To Kolyan ... Cable Kolyan bought ... Kalym ... Cross!
In short, Ksenia trough - to the pit. Somersault! Kostyantinu - cranks!
Around - a curiosity: the horses crow, the cows cluck, the square dance chickens circling. Kukish head over heels, writhing:
- What a concert! Cinema specifically!

Two other "works" - on my personal page. Proceeding from the accumulated experience, I can say that the occupation is not very difficult (I mean mine, not Kultiapova). The plot emerges unexpectedly, and from what words come to mind, it can turn completely in opposite directions. It is necessary to quickly write down the thoughts that have arisen, even if these are sentences that consist only of the subject and the predicate, or even the nominal ones. There would be bones, and the meat will increase!

Expand the proposal, it is always possible to “distribute” it. How many times have I re-read my miniatures, I always found something to add. And then you can find.
And I can also recommend not to write words from the dictionary before starting work. You already know an infinite number of words for each letter of the alphabet. Take a look at the dictionary last, when the essay can be considered rough. Now the dictionary will help to improve it. And if you start with a dictionary, the plot may change with each new word, and as a result you will not write anything or get a mess.

Why does a person need this? And for nothing! Just - strain your brains. They after all rust without their use ...

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