What surprised Berlin Russian traveler?

This city began to amaze from the very first moments. For example, his sculpture on the Spree - "Perforated People." It is not immediately apparent that these two giant men in the middle of the river are made of ordinary cans, in which we are used to buying beer, coke and other modern drinks. How many millions of cans went to remind us with you of respect for the world around us?

The second discovery is Treptow Park. Terry is a corner of the USSR, where the names of Stalin and his laureates, such as the sculptor Vuchetich, are carved with gold on marble. For those who do not know: Treptow Park is a square monument to the memory of Soviet soldiers who fell during the Second World War. Green shady linden alleys, clumsy Soviet bas-reliefs, reminiscent of May celebrations and demonstrations on the occasion of November 7th. The eternal flame and multimeter sculpture of the Soviet soldier-liberator in a cloak and with a sword. A kind of Berlin Alyosha ... Standing next to him in Treptow Park, you think about the too short memory of our compatriots.

Today, for some reason, the soldiers of the European Union incline their shaved heads at the Eternal Flame, dozens of buses with German kids stop at the stone gates daily, and Russian tourists get here by chance, because Treptow Park is the backyard of traditional tourist routes. And to the next anniversary of the Great Victory, our state did not allocate a penny for its reconstruction. Thanks to Germany, otherwise it would have stood in ruins ...

But what are we talking about sad things? The largest park in the center of the German capital, not far from the Reichstag, the zoo and the Unders den Linden, Lip Street, Tiergarten - the place is extremely entertaining. Well, where else in broad daylight, strolling slowly, you stumble on the rookery of men, completely deprived of clothes? Most of them are gay, but this doesn’t warp any of the native Germans. The country is free, the city is even freer. And what, the capital has the right to adhere to broad views!

And the most unusual thing in the Tiergarten is a shower in the middle of the park. Tired of the heat, sweating in a coat, you need to freshen up after a hot date under a century-old linden? Come to the shower stall. Well, all for the people, all for our good with you!

Anywhere, just not in Berlin, I expected to see ... Cannabis museum. HANF MUSEUM found us himself, so to speak. My husband and I ended up in a springtime Berlin thunderstorm, admiring the eclecticism of modern business districts in East Berlin in the strict forms of Alexanderplatz. Wet to hell, jumped into the first museum. Three euros, the inscriptions are exclusively in German, but how much is useful among the exhibits!

The whole hemp story in five small halls - from ship science and carpet weaving to cooking and rastamans with their cones, crazy eyes and colorful hats in Amsterdam style ... But the culprit herself, pulls the leaves-palms to the fluorescent lamps behind thick glass under signaling: little Do not you all have nerves ...

I recommend visiting a souvenir shop of the museum to everyone - it’s hard to think of more unusual and useful gifts. Take at least soap with hemp oil: oh, what a delicate skin after it ... Or a bar of chocolate, in which instead of crisp rice hemp grains click. But with hemp shirts, dresses, handbags, we cannot even surprise us - everything is in Russia, only here, in Berlin, three times cheaper.

And finally, by surprise, - a cafe in HANF MUSEUM. With such little green men, fun drawn by toadstools and tropical parrots and inscription in English. In an approximate translation into Russian: a place, like, for its own, a private area, but if you thought well, then you are welcome.

What other wonder in Berlin, let everyone decide for himself ...

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