Rest, impressions, emotions. How to organize it?

Sicily. Orange Holidays

One witty Sicilian showed an aerobatics of the entrepreneurial mind. He grew and exported red oranges, visited Bavaria for business, this time it was necessary to attract additional labor to harvest. And he invited the Germans to rest on the island ... collecting oranges! They agreed, had a great rest and started a popular holiday in Europe.

A part of your day is spent among real prickly orange trees, in the gathering of ripe fruit, and the rest of the time you enjoy local species and create your own bliss. A sort of "fruit" version of leave-occupational therapy, which pacifies and brings thoughts in order.

Switzerland. Snowshoeing

Real adventure! You go in search of treasure in the snow-covered forests near the town of Brigels. You are armed with a GPS system (own or rented) and get the coordinates of the first stop, where further instructions are waiting for you. So, drowning forest snow and feeling like a real knight of profit, you get from point to point. At the end of the way, of course, you will find a treasure chest, or rather chests with cute souvenirs left for you by other tourists. You can take something on the memory, leaving in return a little thing from yourself.

By the way, it is not necessary to make your way through the forests with a specific plan, you can just walk, stepping through the air drifts and breathing winter air in the fascinating silence of the fabulous forest beauty.

World Intersections

They are located around the world at a distance of about 80 km from each other. There are more than 15,000 of them, and only 3,000 are open and described. These are points on the Earth's surface with integer coordinates, for example, 56 ° north latitude, 37 ° east longitude.

Fans of active recreation are equipped with everything necessary, cameras and GPS, and go for new discoveries of places with exact coordinates without minutes and seconds. A very romantic, sometimes extreme and very original way to relax, see the world and replenish the treasury of their own achievements.

India. Simple life

The Minister of Tourism of India (Renuka Chowdhury) himself is engaged in the development of this area and invites you to the local villages not as an ordinary tourist, but as a full-fledged resident. You will spend time with the Hindus, try to live their inherent way of life, learn customs, learn local arts and crafts. Wise mentors will share with you the experience and reveal the secrets of life of one of the most ancient civilizations.

Now there are more than fifty hospitable villages; you can choose a place, a period of stay, and an occupation with which your rest will be filled.

Russia. Ride to St. Petersburg bikers

On the rivers of the Moscow region are amazing vessels - a combination of a modern ship and a full-fledged country house. You will make a real cruise along the picturesque banks of rivers, with the highest level of comfort, service and variety of entertainment you are guaranteed. A multi-day water trip on the "houseboat" is a great option for a family or corporate holiday.

In St. Petersburg there is a unique opportunity to see the sights by riding motorcycles in the company of real bikers! They conduct thematic and sightseeing tours of the city at any time of the day. Both day and night you are ready to seat on a sparkling bike and show really interesting places in the city. Most likely - those that you did not suspect at all, not to mention the new look at the traditional beauty of the Northern capital. Bypassing any traffic jams and feeling absolute superiority, you will get unimaginable pleasure!

Agree, a few rest days have become too expensive for us to spend on the next sleepy felting on the beach and a series of noisy parties. Leave discretion, quit being realistic and let something special into your life!

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