What awaits martyrs in paradise?

Perhaps this prospect is one of the main incentives that motivate adolescents and young people to part with their earthly lives, furnishing this act with as many casualties and destruction as possible? Hard to say. Not being a martyr - especially Muslim, the author finds it difficult to give an unequivocal answer to such a question. In any case, the death for the faith, with the name of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad on the lips, has long become an attractive one among the men of the Arab world.

And more recently, representatives of the fair sex began to actively join them (I don’t know if black-eyed virgins are waiting for them in paradise). I respect the feelings of believers and do not intend to indulge in wilderness. However, it must be stated: a suicide bomber became a model of a truly worthy person for a large part of earthlings. Probably, it would be naive to urge them to become a machine tool, to the ship's steering wheel, to go to a construction site, and the like. But many of them today live for the sake of death. So it goes.

The dead in the holy struggle with the infidel shakhids look strictly at you from posters in the streets, from newspaper pages, they are glorified on television, radio, the Internet. Orthodoxy is identified with murder, with destruction — not only of oneself, but also of other people, regardless of gender, age, and social affiliation. They are supposed to hate and constantly fight them. Otherwise what kind of shahid are you? You turn out to be displeased with God, and you will not go to heaven. After all, your earthly existence is nothing more than a temporary period designed to test your will and character. Therefore, martyrs who commit terrorist acts often prepare for death in advance. Many even crave for it: after all, this will end their testing on Earth, and they will find happiness in heaven.

Such, to put it mildly, not very constructive doctrine requires a constant influx of new supporters. And since their work is one-time, so to speak, preachers are in constant search. Recruitment is already in the children's environment. Thus, since 2005, a special website of the Palestinian movement Hamas has been operating, urging children to become suicide bombers. The site contains drawings, poems, stories, glorifying the struggle against Israel, martyrdom and jihad. For example, one of the stories tells of a certain Palestinian woman who, having learned that her son had become a suicide bomber, rejoiced and bought coffee and sweets to celebrate this event with relatives and acquaintances.

"They are driven by a dislike for the whole world, for all people who themselves do evil to their loved ones, - a participant of one of the Internet forums, speaking under the nickname Mirinda, reflects on this. They do not see the meaning of life and revenge all of humanity for their sins, thereby causing them to think about the meaning of life, its price. Such people can be understood, but they are too cruel, proving their truth of life ... But, on the other hand, people themselves do not understand what they need, and they aspire to the top, which they create in their minds, thereby causing damage to the whole surrounding nature and all living things. They do not think about goals and moral principles, as long as people like kamikazes and the like do not force them to unite due to situations. ”. As they say, pike is in the sea so that the crucian doesn’t sleep.

Let us return, however, to the gurias. Some Islamic theologians argue that the highest goal for the faithful is not vulgar sex with heavenly virgins, but only intellectual communication with them. That is, the paradise maidens of the Qur'an are a Muslim variety of geishas. They will sing, dance, play chess with men there, in a nice conversation, “they will flow through the tree of thought” and all that.

Opponents of the former, on the contrary, openly talk about receiving truly unearthly pleasures in paradise. For example, the theologian Al-Suyuti noted that sexual intercourse in paradise is much longer and so delightful that if you experience it in this world, you can lose consciousness.

But historians and linguists took up the holy book of Muslims, using scientific methods. The results were probably no less explosive than the belt of a shahid.

The Quran is known to be written in Arabic. But the meanings of both single words and whole phrases are often not entirely clear. Therefore, when translating the Quran into European languages, it is customary to talk about the translation of meanings, and not about translation in the literal sense. One of the reasons is that the Arabic language was written only with the Qur'an. At the same time, experts believe: many Arabic words were borrowed from the ancient Syriac or Aramaic language.

For example, in the Quran it is said that martyrs for the faith in heaven await “khur” (hur). Hence the gurias, that is, the paradise maidens. The first commentators interpreted the above-mentioned word as “virgin” - ostensibly it is about 72 celestial virgins. However, in Aramaic, “Hur” meant “white,” and this word was often called white grape. So instead of virgins, the lucky one who got into paradise will receive only a bunch of grapes. It is probably true: the pathological killer does not deserve heavenly bliss. Even if he is the most ideological. And if the spiritual thoughts are deeply mixed with hatred, then it seems to have nothing to do with faith.

It is the grapes that fit better into the above context, says the Arabic scientist, who is signed by the pseudonym Christoph Luxenberg. Firstly, because the Qur'an compares the “khur” with crystal and pearls, and secondly, because there is a lot of fruit in paradise and especially white grapes. “I believe,” notes Luxenberg, “that future terrorists will receive what Allah promised them. But not passionate black houri, but a juicy grape bunch. ”

You can agree with him or not, it's up to you. However, it is obvious that the level of study of the Quran still leaves much to be desired. If the grapes and virgins are different, what to say about the rest!

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