How to meet with angels? Collection of dolls

The camera was with me. I was not sure that they would be allowed to take pictures for memory, but, let's say, no one forbade it. And I didn’t get to the exhibition of the author’s doll, but to the fairytale city of angels ... From ship to ball. In one of the halls of the favorite museum there was a presentation of the collection of Anna Stepnova, the editor-in-chief of the weekly Delovoye Volga.

The collection of figures of angels. Big and tiny, knitted and glass, porcelain, paper, papier-mâché ... They were everywhere - on the fir-tree, at the old mirrors, on the shelves of my grandmother's bookcase. The smallest specimens were placed under glass domes. The collection began to gather with angel Marusya - a rag doll with pigtails.

To her began to fly the rest of the angels. As Anna herself says, one angel — a small porcelain figure — she once saw in a souvenir shop. He had a wing broken off. He sat sad and pensive. “Who will buy you, such an invalid?” - Anna thought and, without hesitation, bought it ... just like that. Houses blinded wing and put on the shelf. So he was accepted into the angelic family, according to Anna - adopted.

I walked around the room and could not believe such a gift of fate - a meeting with the angels on the eve of the New Year. Random? Maybe I went to her a long time ago ... After all, I have been collecting such a collection for many years already. True, it is not so many angels. But with each of them I have my own story. Like Anna, their friends and loved ones give me gifts, brought from different cities and countries. They flock to me from everywhere and everyone has a place in my collection.

Several years ago, it was Anna Stepnova who initiated the opening in the city of a monument to the guardian angel in the park to them. Sasha Filippova, the favorite vacation spot of Volgograd residents. Go to this monument to ask for help and protection of old and small. Who asks about passing the exam, who is about meeting with a loved one, and who is more pragmatic about money, raising pensions and free medicines. Many want to touch the wings of an angel. And here I have the opportunity to get to their angelic gathering!

An Anna at the exhibition was interviewed by a local TV channel, and scraps of phrases flew to me:
- Anna, do you believe in angels?
- They are around us, they are always with us. And our children! These are pure angels.

Anna calls herself that way - a collector of good feelings. And it speaks of its collection in the following way: “A collection is something serious, systematized, with a lot of internal logic. And this is just a family of angels that lives its own life. ” She is modest - the collection is gorgeous! Blended with styles and genres. According to her, she loves folk kitsch with his ideas about unearthly beauty - huge eyes and sequined glitter. She loves any handicraft. Who does not love her! He says that each angel has its own face, its own character. "This is not a pig or cat ... Although there are angels among the pigs."

I left the exhibition completely different. In the background vanity and haste left, the inner gaze opened. And some kind of clean update. This is how I always leave the church. I touched the sacrament, something very pure, as if I drank a sip from a holy source. The whole world around existed on its own. I walked and smiled. I guess I do not remember. I was light and comfortable, oocheen good!

Wonderful exhibition, giving great power. Now I am writing about her, and each angel comes up before her eyes. Great idea in a difficult time for the people. Angelic to all of us patience, gentlemen!

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